So you know you want to either kick-start or reignite your yoga practice, but you’re just not quite there yet? Something is holding you back. But what?

It can be hard to establish a new habit. Yoga and Ayurveda are all about healthy habits. And new habits can lead to a new you. To the life you were born to live and enjoy.

Sow a thought reap an action.
Sow an action reap a habit.
Sow a habit reap a character.
Sow a character reap a destiny.

So let me help you remove the blocks to begin your yoga habit.  Ask yourself this question:

“What is holding me back from returning to yoga?”

Wait for the answer to arise, frame it as an “I” statement, for example “I am too busy” and feel how it feels to believe this statement about yourself and your life. Then ask gently:

“Can I absolutely know that this is 100% true?” Answer either a yes or no only.

Then ask:

“What is the real reason underneath this?”

Once you have this clear, move on to the next question.

“Who would I be if I practiced yoga? How might I feel? What would my life look like?”

Allow yourself time to see the vision of your future self, enjoying the benefits of yoga in your life.  Really feel into it and imagine yourself living in this reality.  Now reflect:

“Who do I want to be and become?”

Now that you know your desire more clearly, it’s time to take action.

Begin now.
Begin before you’re ready.
Begin where you are. As you are.

Yoga will take care of the rest. You simply need to make an effort. And remember that it’s called yoga practice, not yoga perfect.

And that you are so welcome – as you are – with our friendly teachers and community at Dayā Wellbeing.

Wishing you well,
Jo Crisp & the Dayā. Wellbeing Team